Same Brain, New Look

I’ve been a little quiet for the last week or so, partly a result of location; good Wi-Fi is difficult to come by in paradise, but also because I’ve been busy. We crammed The Philippines and South Korea into just over two weeks which has been exhausting and, more importantly, I’ve been working on a new site! (Wahey, she’s not so lazy after all!) I admit, it’s a WordPress template which I picked from a list. The major time consumer was choosing a photo to summarise my current travelling situation. The photo I picked is pretty old, I took it when I first got my camera four years ago in Japan. But it seemed fitting as I will be returning there tomorrow.

Anyway. Nothing has really changed, I’m the same old crazy bat writing from my laptop. Just with a touch more class.

EDIT: Just a little update, rather than just letting my old writing rot I have hashed together a wee archive compiling the best of the old side. Find them in the links menu at the top of the screen.

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