Welcome to Backpack Kerouac

Some Asian chick, born in the 80s with a passion for words and stamps instead of numbers. Follow me as I venture to discover the world we live in.

Who Am I?

DSC_1139 copyI’m Jenni, an aspiring writer, somewhat less aspiring bartender, and occasionally inspiring ex-EFL teacher. Having already spent most of my twenties away from the UK, I aim to spend the remainder of them as far away from the Age of Tinder as I feasibly can. Living in Japan, France, and Australia, and walking many of the roads in between, I started blogging as an outlet for me to justify my itchy feet by combining it with one of my favourite pastimes, sarcasm.

My passion for books, booze, street food, and passport stamp collecting has so far taken me to Europe, Asia, America (once) and Australia, with many more destinations to follow. I rarely travel alone, choosing to inflict my poor humour and hunger-anger management issues on my travel companion, my boyfriend and primary spider catcher, Ali.


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